Friday, 5 August 2011


busann lar malam nie . tak tahu nak buat ape . ttbe , terhasil lar seperti yang di bawah . hee 

Dreams don't always come true
and that I have to accept.
But you were so much better 
than all the rest.
You always cared 
and you always loved.
You were always there
when push came to shove.
I wanted so badly 
to have you near.
But it's someone else
who you hold dear.
"Persist" you once told me
"Cause your dream might come true".
But when you gave me this advice
Did you know that my dream was you?
Sometimes I think you did
But then I'm not so sure.
It doesn't really matter anyway
Cause your advice I chose to ignore.
How could I persist
Once I knew the truth?
I couldn't even pretend to not know
Cause you'd given me the proof.
I dealt with it the best I could
And tried to hide my feelings from you.
But deep down inside of me
I am sure that you still knew.
So now I just sit and wait
And check the mail each day.
I hope that you are home real soon
Cause it's been lonely with you away.

p/s : really miss you , now . wish you are here with me :'(

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