Sunday, 5 June 2011

just to share .

luv u so fucking damn much .
eventhough i know that u will not be mine .
hey dear , just want u to know that u are the great man that i ever had .
u are the man that change everything in my life .
u always make me smile and laugh alone . .
i'm crazy of u , dear .
u always make me happy even we both know that we can't have each other .
thanx for ur love .
i know u will always be here wif me .
but there is something that make us can't be together .
hurm , it's uke .
i'm fine wif it .
first time i know u , i already set in my mind  .
whatever happen , i will face it .
i'm ready wif everything in future . 
just one thing i want u promise me . .
if one day , you have to leave me .
please . .
please don't leave our memory .
it is so meaningful in my life .
promise me , yea . .

p/s : sygs , i'm really miss u .

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